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China Custom Professional Powder Coating Production Line Plant Automatic Spray Painting Line Xt Forged Overhead Conveyor Chain for Painting Line Steel Beams Shot

Product Description

Professional Powder Coating Production Line Plant Automatic Spray Painting Line XT Forged Overhead Conveyor Chain For Painting Line Steel Beams Shot
We can supply painting line chain

Our drop forged rivetless chain such as X348, X458, X468, X678, X698, F100, F160 and so on

Our products are most competitive and are of high quality. Our trolley are also most competitive in world market.

We are also supplier of detachable chain: 25, 32, 32W, 45, 51, 52, 55, 62 chain and so on. Which is used widely on agricultural machine. Please feel free to contact with us and our goods are most competitive in your market.

Our Drop Forged Chain and trolley can be used widely in aggregate, amusement park rides, asphalt paving, automotive industry, bakery ovens, bottling, bucket elevators, car dumper, car wash, case conveyors, cement plants, citrus processing, clean grain and return elevators, coal preparation, construction equipment, conveyors, cotton tramper, dairy handling, fertilizer conveying, flight conveyors, food processing, forest products, grain handling, heavy duty conveyors, high-temperature industrial ovens, jack ladder, log handling, material handling, meat packing, mining, overhead conveyors, power drives, produce washdown, pulp and paper, recycling, refineries, roofing plants, rubber manufacturing, stackers, steel mills, sugar harvesting, sugar processing, trolle, conveyors, utilities, water treatment

Material Alloy steel
Process Assembled
Heat treatment Case hardening, Meshbeltfurnace quenching heat treatment
Surface treatment Blackened, Zinc galvanized, Nickel galvanized, Chroming, Colour Painting, or as per customer’s request
Performance High precision, high wear resistance, low noise, smooth and steady, high strength
Model number X348, X458, 468H, X678, 698, 698H, F100x16, F100x17, F160x24
Packaging Plastic bag ,carton box ,plywood case or customer requirement.


Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

To be negotiated|

Freight Cost Calculator

Usage: Transmission Chain, Drag Chain, Dedicated Special Chain, Transportation Chain
Material: Steel
Color: Solid Color


Customized Request


What are the benefits of using a self-lubricating conveyor chain?

Self-lubricating conveyor chains offer several advantages over traditional lubricated chains. Here are some key benefits:

1. Reduced Maintenance: Self-lubricating chains eliminate the need for regular lubrication, reducing the time and effort required for maintenance. This is particularly beneficial in applications where access to the chain is difficult or time-consuming.

2. Cost Savings: By eliminating the need for external lubrication, self-lubricating chains can help reduce lubrication costs over the lifetime of the chain. This includes the cost of lubricants, as well as the labor and equipment required for lubrication maintenance.

3. Clean and Environmentally Friendly: Self-lubricating chains do not require external lubricants, resulting in a cleaner working environment. There is no risk of lubricant spills or contamination of the surrounding area, making them ideal for applications that require strict cleanliness standards, such as food processing or pharmaceutical industries.

4. Extended Chain Life: Self-lubricating chains are designed with built-in lubrication systems that provide a continuous and controlled supply of lubricant to the chain components. This helps reduce friction, wear, and heat generation, resulting in longer chain life and improved performance.

5. Improved Reliability: With consistent and reliable lubrication, self-lubricating chains maintain optimal performance and minimize the risk of chain failure or breakdown. They are less susceptible to premature wear, elongation, and corrosion, ensuring a more reliable and efficient conveyor system.

It’s important to note that the specific benefits of self-lubricating chains may vary depending on the manufacturer and the design of the chain. It’s recommended to consult with the chain manufacturer or an industry expert to understand the suitability and advantages of self-lubricating chains for a particular application.


How does a conveyor chain impact material flow in a production line?

A conveyor chain plays a crucial role in facilitating the smooth and efficient flow of materials in a production line. Here are the key ways in which a conveyor chain impacts material flow:

1. Continuous Movement: A conveyor chain enables continuous movement of materials along the production line. By securely holding and transporting the materials, the chain ensures a consistent flow without interruptions or delays.

2. Speed Control: The speed at which the conveyor chain moves can be adjusted to match the desired production rate. This allows for precise control over the material flow, ensuring that it aligns with the downstream processes and avoids bottlenecks or overloading.

3. Orientation and Positioning: Conveyor chains can be designed with specific attachments or fixtures to orient and position materials in a desired manner. This ensures that the materials are presented correctly for processing, assembly, or packaging, optimizing the overall production flow.

4. Sorting and Diverging: In certain applications, conveyor chains can be equipped with mechanisms for sorting or diverging materials based on predetermined criteria. This allows for efficient routing of different products or components to their respective destinations, streamlining the material flow.

5. Accumulation and Buffering: Conveyor chains can incorporate accumulation zones or buffering areas where materials can temporarily pause or accumulate. This feature is useful when downstream processes experience temporary disruptions or when there is a need to balance the flow between different production stages.

6. Integration with Equipment: Conveyor chains can be integrated with other equipment or machines in the production line, such as robotic arms, automated packaging systems, or inspection stations. This seamless integration enables synchronized material handling, optimizing the flow and efficiency of the entire production process.

7. Customization for Specific Needs: Conveyor chains can be customized to meet specific material handling requirements. This includes considerations such as chain width, length, height adjustments, inclines or declines, and specialized attachments or guides. Such customization ensures that the material flow is tailored to the unique needs of the production line.

By providing a reliable and controlled method of transporting materials, a conveyor chain significantly influences the material flow in a production line. It enhances productivity, reduces manual handling, minimizes the risk of errors or damage, and ultimately contributes to the overall efficiency and success of the manufacturing process.


What factors should be considered when designing a conveyor chain system?

When designing a conveyor chain system, several factors need to be considered to ensure optimal performance and functionality. These factors include:

  • Load Capacity: The load capacity of the conveyor chain system is a critical consideration. It involves determining the maximum weight and size of the materials or products to be conveyed. This information helps in selecting the appropriate chain type, size, and strength to handle the expected load.
  • Speed and Throughput: The desired speed at which the conveyor system needs to operate and the expected throughput of materials are important factors. They influence the selection of chain pitch, sprocket size, and motor power to achieve the desired conveyor speed and material handling capacity.
  • Environmental Conditions: The operating environment plays a crucial role in the design of a conveyor chain system. Factors such as temperature, humidity, dust, corrosive substances, and presence of water or chemicals impact the selection of materials for the chain, sprockets, and other components to ensure durability and resistance to wear and corrosion.
  • Conveyor Layout and Configuration: The layout and configuration of the conveyor system are key considerations. Factors such as available space, conveyor path, incline or decline angles, and any required curves or turns affect the selection of chain type, sprocket arrangement, and overall system design.
  • Maintenance and Accessibility: Easy access for maintenance and servicing is crucial for the longevity and efficient operation of the conveyor chain system. Considering factors such as lubrication points, chain tension adjustment mechanisms, and overall accessibility for inspections and repairs ensures smooth operation and minimizes downtime.
  • Noise and Vibration: The level of noise and vibration generated by the conveyor chain system can impact the working environment. Design considerations such as selecting chain types with low noise characteristics, implementing proper lubrication, and using vibration-damping components help minimize noise and vibration levels.
  • Safety: Safety is of paramount importance in conveyor chain system design. Factors such as guarding, emergency stop systems, proper alignment, and anti-slip measures need to be incorporated to ensure the safety of operators and prevent accidents or injuries.

Considering these factors during the design stage helps in selecting the appropriate conveyor chain type, size, and configuration to meet the specific requirements of the application, ensuring smooth and efficient material handling operations.

China Custom Professional Powder Coating Production Line Plant Automatic Spray Painting Line Xt Forged Overhead Conveyor Chain for Painting Line Steel Beams Shot  China Custom Professional Powder Coating Production Line Plant Automatic Spray Painting Line Xt Forged Overhead Conveyor Chain for Painting Line Steel Beams Shot
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China OEM Forged Conveyor Bracket Trolley X458 Steel Forging Detachable Chain and Carbon Steel Standard Industry Link Chain for Painting Line Chain X348 X458 X678 near me factory




Besides,we canalsoproduceasperyourdrawingorsample,speciallinkchain,pusher,pinandplate,accordingtocustomers’uniquerequirements.


1)Substance:Alloysteel,20Cr,forty five#steelandsoon.
two)Sorts: X348X458X678XT160,andsoon.(Orasperyourdrawing)








LimitLoad(Kg) Kind P H A B C D E F G K X348-one A one hundred sixty four 102 fourteen 40 60 4° forty seven.eight six 84




1800 X348-two B one hundred sixty four 102 14 forty 60 3° 47.eight six eighty two X348-three C one hundred 64 122 16 40 60 6° 47.eight six ninety four X458-1 A 126 seventy nine 138 eighteen 54 eighty two 4° 54 9.5 113




3600 X458-two A 127 80 138 eighteen fifty six eighty two 4° fifty four nine.five 113 X458-3 A 130 eighty three 138 eighteen fifty four eighty two 4° 54 nine.five 113 X458-four B 128.6 81 134.5 eighteen 54 81 3° fifty four 9.five 101.five ExtendedTrolley A one hundred fifty 103 138 18 fifty four 82 4° fifty four nine.5 113 X678-one / 136 89 146 18 86 eighty two 4° 54 9.5 114 three.two 600 5000 7700 X678-two / 134.five 87.five 142 18 86 82 4° fifty four nine.5 106 two.eight 550 4500 7200 XT160-one / 171 103 a hundred and eighty 26 84 a hundred and twenty 6° 70 15 one hundred forty 9.7 750 4000 8000 XT160-two / 170 102 174 26 86 a hundred and twenty 4° 70 15 148 eight.8 700 3500 7500 X348-1Reverse / 83 forty two 105 / forty sixty / 48 ten / 1.35 100 1100 1800 X348-2Reverse / 86 forty five 93 / forty sixty / 48 ten / 1.35 100 6 1800 X458Reverse / ninety five 44 one hundred twenty / 54.five sixty / fifty four ten / two.five 200 1800 3600






2.Wecandesignthecorrectchainswithhighqualitymaterial,goodabrasionresistance,goodcorrosion,highstrengtZheJiang detcasperyourrequestorthechainapplication.




Roller Chain Servicing Guidelines

There are a lot of things to preserve in brain when keeping a roller chain. The principal motives incorporate friction and external influences. Without proper lubrication and adjustment, such chains will put on prematurely. Right here are some tips for keeping your roller chain in best condition. continue reading! This will make your method less complicated. We will also go over the price of the new roller chain. As constantly, remember to check for loose ends and adjust the chain often.


Roller chains are developed to accommodate many diverse varieties of hundreds. Sprockets are the primary cause of chain wear. Axial and angular misalignment takes place when the sprocket faces are not correctly aligned. Equally varieties of misalignment enhance stress and wear on the roller chain. They can also negatively impact the travel. Therefore, picking the right chain is an important consideration.
Preloading helps to eradicate original elongation and prolong provider existence. The rewards of preloading can be observed in the preloading chart. Important elongation happens throughout push startup with no or minimal preload. This is thanks to the surface area hardness of the worn areas. On the other hand, a properly preloaded chain demonstrates tiny elongation for the duration of the preliminary start. Therefore, proper preload can extend use daily life.
Despite the fact that elongation is a normal phenomenon in any travel, it can be minimized or eliminated with appropriate servicing. In addition to regular inspections, you ought to do a complete inspection of your chain following the first hundred hours. This inspection need to focus on important life variables these kinds of as 3% elongation, how the chain is lubricated, and any other issues that might impact existence. A very good quality chain must have the longest life and no problems.
There are several different roller chain specs. A excellent rule of thumb is to decide on chains with at minimum five backlinks. Then, tighten the chain till a crack occurs, and it will inform you what type of split happened. Alternatively, you can use a roller chain with the maximum allowable load. As prolonged as the MAL isn’t going to exceed that quantity, it is nonetheless completely secure to use it for any application.


When it will come to lubrication, there are numerous various methods. For example, spray lubrication is a well-known strategy for higher-horsepower drives and large-load and quick-transferring machines. This method is quite successful, but it is high-priced, and spraying the chain as well considerably out of the guard can trigger leaks. An additional common technique is brush lubrication. Brush lubrication includes making use of a constant circulation of oil to the chain, pushing it into the chain. This lubrication method decreases the software temperature of the chain. Also, it can lengthen the daily life of the chain, depending on the manufacturer’s technical specs.
Whilst the lubrication of roller chain couplings varies by software, sprocket hubs must be lubricated monthly to guarantee appropriate sealing. The sum of oil utilized relies upon on the rotational velocity and the sort of roller chain coupling. In standard, lubricants employed in roller chain couplings need to have excellent adhesion, oxidation, and mechanical security.
Dress in-resistant lubricants are advisable. They avoid the rollers from sticking to each other and prevent rusting. These lubricants have minimal surface area tension and are not hazardous to metallic or O-ring chains. The ideal lubrication technique relies upon on ambient temperature, horsepower, and chain velocity. Appropriately lubricating a roller chain raises the daily life of the chain and reduces the risk of use.
Correct lubrication of the roller chain is important to prevent corrosion and lengthen its service lifestyle. The oil varieties a clean movie on the chain factors, reducing metal-to-metal speak to and reducing friction and dress in. Additionally, the oil offers a sleek running surface area and lowers sounds. Nonetheless, the running-in process of roller chain lubrication can not be underestimated. When utilizing large-responsibility oils, make certain that the lubricant is compatible with functioning and ambient temperatures.


To extend the existence of your roller chain, you want to carry out regular inspections. 1st, you need to check out the T-pin on the url plate at the joint. If they are not related properly, it can result in the chain to extend and not sustain correct spacing and timing. Next, you must search for strange noise, corrosion, and filth that may indicate use. If you notice any of these difficulties, it’s time to substitute the chain.
In order to appropriately preserve a roller chain, the two places of the roller chain have to be lubricated with the correct lubricant. Lubricants employed need to be SAE non-degreased oils. There are many kinds of lubricants accessible, but the ideal a single is a petroleum-dependent oil with a substantial viscosity. You can also verify for signs of dress in, this kind of as pink or brown discoloration. This implies that there is not enough lubrication.
Although the existence expectancy of a roller chain is unfamiliar, it is important to know how to increase its existence and maximize its efficiency. Inappropriate pressure and alignment can shorten its daily life and place undue stress on the drive program and the chain itself. Incorrect rigidity can also direct to slippage and enhanced vitality output. As a result, you should compute the rigidity and alignment of the chain throughout the first installation. Verify and adjust often.
An additional way to prolong the life of your rollers is to thoroughly clear the inside and outside the house of the rollers. You need to also lubricate it frequently to avoid too much heat buildup. Created to stop overheating by restricting the amount of function throughout split-ins. Additionally, typical inspections will aid you catch anomalies early ample to quit operations. Very last but not least, standard lubrication will extend the life of the roller chain.


Acquiring a roller chain is a huge determination, but initial value should not be the only consideration. The price of the roller chain itself, as effectively as the running expenses, need to be considered. Even the most affordable-priced chains can be far more pricey in the long operate. In addition, maintenance and strength charges could boost. The greatest roller chain for your business will be the one that very best fits your requirements. Outlined below are some considerations to contemplate when acquiring a roller chain.
First, what content need to you use? Roller chains come in many diverse materials. Stainless steel is a typically employed materials in construction. Components are chosen based on the cost and layout of chain horsepower transmission. Numerous production procedures will establish which material is ideal for your software. Also, the bodyweight of the chain will fluctuate dependent on its pitch and the building technique used. A huge component of the expense of a roller chain is on the drive sprocket.
Another thing to consider is set up value. Roller chains are generally employed in agricultural and transportation programs, especially for agronomic items. If lubrication is your worry, upkeep-free chains are the best selection. Corrosion-resistant chains are excellent for moist environments. They are marketed in boxed lengths, so changing a more time length calls for adding a shorter length. To steer clear of difficulty, use the skateboard to support hook up the backlinks.
One more consideration is the total width. The total width of an open #40 roller chain could differ but ought to be at the very least 10 feet extensive. Though it is not the most costly variety of roller chain, it will last lengthier. Utilizing it correctly will boost its general longevity, so it is a good notion to choose it wisely. If your company uses roller chains routinely, the cost reduction is well worth it.


A roller chain consists of a pair of alternating pins and roller back links. The pins are pressed into the aspect panels and hinged to the rollers. Roller chains can be one or multi-strand, linked by a common pin. The multi-strand style supplies larger shear energy for demanding energy transmission programs. Standard applications for roller chains contain conveyors, hoists, and other mechanical equipment.
The horsepower functionality of a roller chain is constrained by numerous variables, which includes pin shock and friction. Although study into these variables has placed some limits on the greatest functioning velocity of the roller chain, useful expertise has demonstrated that these techniques can be used at higher speeds. Suitable lubrication and cooling can boost the toughness of these chains. In addition, roller chain applications consist of:
Generate and conveyor techniques are the two main makes use of of roller chains. Throughout driving functions, dress in and elongation are a normal component of the procedure. Nevertheless, lubrication plays a crucial role in reducing wear and shock loads. Consequently, use is inevitable and particular treatment should be taken to make certain proper lubrication. Moreover, lubrication lowers warmth dissipation in the chain.
The materials employed to make roller chains differ from a single kind to one more. Stainless metal is frequent, but nylon or brass are sometimes employed. These materials are less high-priced and more tough than steel or stainless steel. The very best substance for the work relies upon on a selection of aspects, which includes cost, environmental problems, and layout horsepower transmission. For case in point, the pin bushing make contact with location is a crucial area necessitating lubrication. Additionally, some coatings are created to retard the corrosive effects of h2o or oil.
China OEM Forged Conveyor Bracket Trolley X458 Steel Forging Detachable Chain and Carbon Steel Standard Industry Link Chain for Painting Line Chain X348 X458 X678     near me factory